The Over 23 Guide to Drinking and Hangovers

“Nobody likes you when you’re 23.” Just ask my sister. She’s turning 23 in 9 days (I have a countdown) on March 5. Or I guess you could ask Blink-182 who actually wrote that lyric. Either way, your friends and family may still like you, but one thing that refuses to agree when you’re 23 (or older) is alcohol. That’s right people! This is your one-stop-shop guide to drinking and curing a hangover when you’re just not “feeling 22” anymore.

22 - Taylor Swift


The funny thing is, doctors haven’t pinpointed hangovers as one solitary thing. It is just a mixture of symptoms including, headaches, thirst (alcohol is a diuretic), nausea from stomach lining inflammation and so on.

Moving on to why hangovers get worse with age has a few hypotheses. The first popular opinion from neurobiologist George Koob, Ph.D., director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) is that, “As you get older, the enzymes you use to metabolize alcohol don’t work as well.”

Another reason is, as we get older, we might start putting on some love pounds which makes our body-water ratio lower and ups our Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) significantly higher with the same amount of alcohol than in our leaner early 20s.


The last and most fruitful hypothesis to the drastic change in hangover aptitude is the fact that we’re becoming mature human beings. We slow our roll on the shot guns and beer bongs, we have water with our vodka, and drink water again before bed.

Even after a night of rumpus, we wake up in the morning and try to have a productive day instead of sleeping in until 2 pm to cure the hangover. Our hangovers are so insufferable because we try to be productive instead of riding it out on the couch.


First of all, I love this article from with the first thing about hangover cures being, “Don’t get your hopes up.” Oh honey, our hopes were long gone after college. They’re probably in Franklin Halls toilets by now.

I really don’t have any significant evidence to share with you besides drinking lots and lots of this miracle drink called water. If you really want the end-all, be-all cure to hangovers, act like you’re 21 again and sleep to your hearts desire OR pop a few more Advil than normal and go on adulting like a badass.

I would love to hear about your own wacky and/or incredibly smart hangover cures! Some of my friends swear by pickles and Gatorade. I always go with water, Advil, and a bloody Mary.

I hope you liked my post this week. If you like my blog post a comment!



One thought on “The Over 23 Guide to Drinking and Hangovers

  1. Abbey,

    Another interesting post! I’m going to be 24 at the end of March (yikes!) and have begun to realize that I can’t “hang” like I was once able to…despite my best efforts. After a night of drinking with friends I usually end up having that terrible hungover feeling and end up being out of commission for a whole day.

    Back in my prime (L-O-L) I used to be able to drink and then be bright eyed and ready to go the next day. Those days are gone!

    One “cure” for a hangover that I find works (at least for me) is Pedialyte. Laugh all you want, but this stuff made for sick kiddos has all the electrolytes that a dehydrated body craves without all the sugar/calories (more adult woes) found in sports drinks.


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