Wedding Weekend: Road Trip Essentials

We’re going on an adventure! Our wonderful friends Kevin and Emily are getting married this weekend (3/19/16) in Columbia, South Carolina. I get so excited for trips that I usually research so much (on Pinterest) as soon as I can for packing lists, travel essentials – the whole lot!

However, this time I was less prepared. (We leave tomorrow!) That is why I am putting together this packing guide for a wedding weekend away.

Now we just have to take Nyla girl to Misty Glen Kennel and we’ll be all set!DSCN0517

Here we go!



  • Button Up Denim Shirt
  • Ohio University Pull Over
  • Two tank tops: One white, one black
  • Two dresses – One for the rehearsal dinner (Target) and one for the wedding (TJ Maxx)
  • Three pairs of athletic shorts – for my morning runs I will attempt to do every day (ha!).
  • A pair of leggings, jeans and shorts
  • Three basic tees – from Target and Old Navy
  • Sweater from Target (I also have another one not shown from Marshalls)
  • Comfy long sleeve Patagonia shirt


More clothing

  • Three t-shirts
    • First one is a baseball tee printed from college for our ultimate team
    • Second one is a gift from an ultimate team for being the most spirited opponent
    • The third is a Calvin Klein comfy tee from TJ Maxx
  • Two bras – one strapless and another that matches my dress
  • Two sports bras (for that run ;D)
  • Six pairs of socks (I couldn’t find my ankle socks so I put together what I had)
  • And last but not least, comfy sweat pants for the road!



  • Hair things!
    • Dry shampoo
    • Garnier Fructise – Moroccan Oil
    • Purology – Shampoo and Conditioner (It’s peppermint and makes my head tingle!)
    • Brush
  • Secret Deodorant – I don’t recommend this type of deodorant. It’s running out really fast.
  • Clean and Clear moisturizer
  • Eye Stuff!
    • Contact case and lenses
    • Glasses and case
    • Bio True solution
    • Extra contacts (Needed!)
  • Teeth!
    • Crest 3D White travel paste
    • Brush in travel case
    • Floss
  • Neutrogena makeup wipes (My savior!)
  • Makeup!
    • Elf blush and bronzer (Used for contour)
    • Bare Minerals Luminizer Duo
    • Becca Moonstone skin perfecter
    • Rimmel London foundation
    • Maybelline Lash Sensational
    •  E.L.F. eye liner and shadow pencil
    • Blonde brow pencil
    • Lash curler
    • Givenchy La Rouge lipstick (medium red)


Travel bag/Shoes

  • Running shoes (Again, ha!)
  • Hat – mens department Target
  • 1 liter Water bottle – TJ Maxx
  • Sunnies
  • Travel bag – Etsy
  • Walking shoes – Vans
  • Frisbee – Cleveland Disc Association (Summer League)
  • Cross-body purse – GAP
  • Sandals – Target



  • Baubles Kate Spade bag – Found this at Marshalls!
  • Anne Klein watch
  • Bracelets and Necklace
  • Juicy Fragrance
  • Jimmy Choo Fragrance – TJ Maxx
  • Earrings – Target, Francesca’s and


  • I got these new sandals at Marshalls and I’m kind of obsessed!
  • I also bought some new heels to go with my dress since Nyla chewed my last ones!
  • I am including a bandana for this trip because it has many uses.
  • The clutch will be used for the wedding to hold my belongings. I don’t really have one like this and I don’t really love it but it was really cheap and on clearance at Marshalls.

Well, that’s all for now! I hope you found this helpful. If you have any questions or anything to add to my road trip list, let me know in the comment section! Love, Abbey




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