10 Tips & Tricks to Taking Care of Your Dog in Adulthood

If you’re anything like me, you couldn’t wait to grow up and turn into an adult so that you could get a dog. After my boyfriend bought his house, he started looking and after about a year he found Nyla on Facebook about to be euthanized and saved her little heart.

Now, we have a dog and a whole lot of responsibility. That is why I made a list of things to do and tips to help you care for your dog. These are little things that we’ve found useful and want to share the wisdom.

Here are 10 Tips & Tricks to Take Care of Your Dog in Adulthood!

10 Tips & Tricks to Take Care of Your Dog from abbey geib on Vimeo.

  1. Give your dog walks at least twice a day. This will help them exercise and be less rambunctious indoors. Walking your dog is crucial to their well-being. A dog’s instinct tells them to roam and sniff their territory. They can’t do that inside or even in a fenced in back yard. Dogs also get bored very easily. Your dog is probably napping while you’re at work and so they’ll want to play and be stimulated when you get home. A walk is a perfect solution for exercise, stimulation, and to keep dogs from chewing your belongings.
  1. Using a soccer ball to play outside gives us a lot to do. It’s easy to kick away and lots of fun to run around and chase for us both! We have found that our dog and our friend’s dogs love to chase around a soccer ball. It’s big enough that they can’t keep it in their mouth and chew it up, so it lasts a long time.
  1. Hiding small treats around the house is an excellent way to keep your dogs mind busy and sniffer on point. Hide them in places in or out of site. She loves to play this game and sniff around for her treats! This is for brain stimulation. Playing games like this with your dog or when you’re not home will help keep them busy instead of bored.
  1. Mind games like this Kong or flipping tiles are fun for your dog. And solving puzzles are great for your dog’s brain development. These games are also good for stimulating the brain muscles, especially in a new puppy or an older dog. It was fun watching Nyla learn how to get her treats from the toys and easy for us to give her a little time to herself.
  1. If your dog has dandruff and dry skin, feed them a tablet or two of brewers yeast. It’s a little dry but she still likes it. Brewers Yeast can help in many different ways. It helps the immune system and prevents fleas and ticks.
  1. If your dog has stinky breath, like Nyla sometimes does, you can chop up parsley and put it in with dinner. So fresh, so clean! Dog’s breath can sometimes be rank. Parsley really helps because it’s a natural breath freshener. Dogs don’t necessarily like the taste though, so you have to really mix it in with their food.
  1. In the winter, it’s important to keep your dogs pads clean and moisturized. Investing in snow boots is not only hilarious but also a good way to protect your pup’s feet from harsh snow chemicals on the ground. Dog’s pads tend to crack in the winter cold which can make them tender and sore. If you don’t want to buy the booties, rubbing Vaseline on the pads before you go outside is another option.
  1. Investing in a coat, especially for a shorthair dog like Nyla, is also wise for those chilly months. Nyla gets so cold during walks that she shivers. Buying the coat really helped put her and us at ease. It’s also easier to walk her when she wants to go outside and isn’t stubborn enough to just run back upstairs and into a warm bed.
  1. Making a dog bed is easy. Just cut and tie together two fabrics and stuff it with old sheets, blankets or t-shirts. This will also help new dogs associate with you quicker because your scent will be in the place they sleep. I used a thin soft fabric for the bed. It took about 1 hour to make in all.
  1. My last tip is to give your dog all of the love and support they need!

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If you have any other tips or comments, please leave them below! I would love to hear some more about your furry companions.